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“The wee pieces that we have added on as extensions umpteen times for listed buildings don’t have any huge positive impact on the overall property.The difference with the Jordans was that the extension became so much part and parcel of the house and we didn’t want to have that division between the old bit and the new bit.” But what added a further difficulty to the deep retrofit of this particular near-300 year-old building was the zeal with which Kildare County Council required homeowners Patrick and Anne Jordan to preserve as far as possible its essential character and salvageable features.Want immediate access to all back issues and exclusive extra content?

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Architect Bill Maxwell of Enniskillen-based Maxwell Pierce has worked on plenty of historic buildings with extensions, but making such dwellings work as single, seamless entities from an energy and comfort point of view can be difficult — unless you also have the opportunity to strip the older building back to its bare bones and start again from scratch, as was the case here.We have now to mention but one more custom, dating from those great days.The boy she was currently dating had not called her up for three days.But you’re also looking at a historic building that has been retrofitted to a building energy rating of A3, a spectacular achievement in anyone’s book.

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After all, there are a whole range of challenges involved in trying to undertake a deep energy retrofit on a building like this — and some building conservation experts would argue that you shouldn’t even try to.It turns out the local authority is more active in this regard compared with many others around the country, because so few historic buildings of any kind remain in the county.

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